It all started with A teal canvas

When Teal Canvas founders Jay and Rachel chose to commission a piece, they found that the fine art experience became more personal. The ability to add their input to the details of the painting only enriched the value of what would soon hang on their wall. The entire experience felt elegant, unique.

Jay and Rachel quickly realized that the process of commissioning art, the opportunity to build a relationship with the artist and see their piece come to life over time, held a sense of magic. 


Jay and Rachel realized that their experience in commissioning could be shared with a greater community. They curated a set of emerging and established fine artists that were as collaborative as they were talented. No matter what the style, size, or subject, they wanted Teal Canvas to be able to fulfill any commission for its buyers.

Custom Artwork by Lydia Cash


At Teal Canvas, we encourage artists to do what they do best, create art. As a concierge service, we guide the buyer and the artist through every detail, acquiring the particulars of the painting, facilitating shipping, framing, and billing support, and acting as the guide through the commissioning process. 

We continue to be inspired by the immense talent of our fine artists, the unique creativity of our buyers, and the original pieces of art we have produced.

How can we help you create your own magic?


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Bespoke Artwork by Ryan Troisi

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