Amy Gordon

Greensboro, North Carolina

Amy Gordon is a mixed media painter, using acrylic, oil, pastel, and spray paint to create abstract, energy focused pieces. She also does quite a bit of multi-layerd figurative work and textural elements within collage.

Amy Gordon is a modern painter whose organic abstracts are energetic representations of the human expression. She forsakes traditional artist tools, as she immerses her hands into paint to extract a study of light communication and spirit translations.

Her art commands an emotion as the space to color relationship interplays and vibrates with an electrical pulse. Her commisioned works are deeply personal and mystical in their unique composition as she recounts an inate message through her souful work.

"Art is the communication of SPIRIT. It is the authentic expression of one's soul that transcends the limitation of language. It translates a sincere invitaiton to connect to another human being. Which in essense is EVERYTHING."


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