Arielle Krasner

Washington, DC

Arielle Krasner uses spray paint to create photorealistic portraits.

Utilizing the tools of street art meets pop art has given Ari Krasner the nickname “Spray Paint Lady” – since the art she creates is done only with spray paint. Mostly portraiture, every piece is done with a mix of hand-cut, multi-leveled stencils and free hand spraying/painting.

Ari's technique enables her to precisely construct many layers of stencils over stencils, spraying lifelike images on canvas and clothing. This multi-layering of grey-scale is what makes her portraits come alive. It is through this meticulous cutting of detailed layers that the relationship between the subject and the painting is revealed.

In 2015 Ari decided that now was the time to make her passion her life and became a full time artist making her living from the sale of collection pieces and commissions. She has displayed her artwork in exhibitions and has been a featured artist throughout D.C. events.

To Ari, Art means living beautifully. Art is something you create with the purpose of expressing something and then people feel something towards it. Whether it's good or bad. But, almost any activity can be elevated to an art form if the person is dedicated to the craft, commits wholeheartedly to the process, and does so with creativity. Whether it’s painting or sculpting, making music, cooking or even computer programming - it’s creating something beautiful. And it’s not exclusive to making something tangible; I’ve seen individuals whose social skills were an art form or the way a good teacher leads a class. It’s more about how you approach the activity than what the activity is itself.

WORKS BY Arielle

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