Chicago, Illinois

BOJITT uses acrylic, spray-paint, and mixed media to create vibrant, electric abstracts

Bojana Ilic- Bojitt is a Serbian-born, Chicago based multidisciplinary artist. She holds a degree in clothing and textile design from DTM Belgrade, Serbia. Following a successful career in the fashion industry in Serbia, she moved to the United States in 2007, obtaining American Citizenship and welcoming her son, Danny.

Since moving from Serbia to Chicago 15 years ago, BOJITT’s practice has focused on painting–canvases, murals, and commissions united by gesture and purpose. Her abstractions tell stories through mixed media like acrylic and spray paint, bold colors focused on climax and culmination.

Stories inspire BOJITT, but their perspective springs from her own. Tales of overcoming are her favorite, yet she recognize survivorship is just part of the human experience. Once a story pours into her soul it’s alchemized into possibilities like color palettes and arrangements of texture. The paintings that result honor every complexity, from rising action to denouement…

”My mission is to empower and inspire others to break the surface level of communication and dig deeper to who we really are, to our feelings and how do we share our life and stories with echother. That's provoking and inspiring! - my art is an end product of this exchange.”


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