Cabell Molina

Brooklyn, New York

Cabell Molina uses collage/mixed media to explore the complex dynamic of a woman’s emotions.

Cabell Molina is an American contemporary artist transplanted from California to the east. She has culled an adventurous, playful, and at times controversial method of creation, immortalizing the power of the female form.

She uses many ingredients to bring her pieces to life: found elements, torn pages from books and magazines, re-appropriated images, photography,, ephemera, oil pastels, aerosol, fabric, gold leaf, vintage papers, acrylic, oil paint and varnish.

Cabell layers her pieces thematically as well as physically, both celebrating glamour and femininity, while portraying strength and power in my subjects. She wants her painting/collages to read as meditations on the female experience, full of colorful patterns and a layered sense of time, space, and memory. In using images cut of magazines and books, wallpaper, wrapping paper, ribbon, fabric and more in her collages, Cabell entices the viewer to look deeper and conspire with the subject to reclaim her own power.

”Her works embody the layers of raw emotion that form by experiencing pop culture in both the present tense and as nostalgia. Formerly an advertising art director, Cabell worked for multinational advertising agencies in cities all over the world. Prior to her stint in “the real world”, Cabell studied graphic design, art direction and fine art at Art Center in Los Angeles.

Says Cabell, “We live in very confusing and sometimes frustrating world where I have often felt powerless on a personal and collective level. Being able to express myself though my work has been an incredibly cathartic experience. For the last four years that I have been a full time artist I have grown so much, taken back my self confidence and reclaimed my identity as an independent strong woman. This is reflected in the subjects I portray in my art and my hope is that the feeling of empowerment is contagious to the viewer!”.


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