Carolyn Mackin

Wellesley, Massachusetts

Carolyn Mackin uses acrylic paint to create abstract pieces, subtly energized with color and pattern.

Carolyn Mackin’s abstract and multi-layered paintings reflect her fascination with pattern and color and have an energy that is both full of movement yet grounded. Inspired by the curiosity of a seeker, the pulse of urban life, and genuine human connections, she creates mixed media paintings through an intuitive process of layering acrylic paint.

Because she has a passion for home décor, Carolyn loves creating custom paintings that look amazing within the space they will ultimately reside. She lives in Wellesley, MA, outside Boston with her husband and two boys, and creates in a light-filled art studio on the third floor of their circa 1898 home. Carolyn earned her BFA at Syracuse University and MFA at California College of the Arts.

While Carolyn adores the artwork of many of the masters found in museums, she is really drawn to and inspired by contemporary female artists who have thriving businesses that incorporate home décor accessories, fabrics, and furniture. A few examples include Kristi Kohut, Windy O’Connor, and Kerri Rosenthal.

Carolyn believes that the process of making art is healing and gives her a wonderful release of negative emotions. She recognizes that both the highs and challenges of the creative practice are a gift to herself, but that ultimately the paintings are meant for others. Connecting with her clients and bringing joy to others through her work is Carolyn’s ultimate goal.

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