Dante Pirouz

Almont, Michigan

Dante Pirouz works with acrylics and mixed media, including gold leaf, to create abstract expressionist pieces, scenes from nature including landscapes, lake and beach scenery, and ever evolving skyscapes.

Dante Pirouz is an award-winning artist based in rural Michigan whose work celebrates the colors and hues of the sky, field and lake of the Midwest. A transplant from Southern California to Michigan, Dante paints vibrant views into the golden prairie fields, crimson and cream clouds and the shimmering Great Lakes with an abstract expressionist style.

With a PhD in cognitive psychology, Dante uses her training in neuroscience and cognitive science to create imagery that has been shown in research to activate neural focus and awareness. Her work is both beautiful and neurally enhancing. Dante recently won Best of Show Grand Champion in the Fine Arts category at the 2021 St. Clair County Fair in Goodells, Michigan and presented her work at the Superfine Art Fair (Wo)man Show in New York City September 30 – October 3, 2021.

To Dante, art is alchemy...it is a magical way to capture and reconstruct reality into something vibrant, moving, and curated. It is an illusion of brush strokes and pigment but at the same time transcendent and anchoring. It is such a gift of being human that we are allowed to create and hold on to those creations across time.


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