David Winters

Santa Rosa, California

David Winters works with Acrylics to create Lyrical Abstracts.

Born and raised in Texas, David now calls California home. David Winters studied art at The University of Texas at Austin, and designed furniture for many years before starting a mural company. Painting murals and continuing with fine art was the outlet for creativity and a chance to collaborate with many talented designers to create unique work.

David is drawn to artists who have a unique painterly hand while use of color, layers and design are heavily incorporated. Artists that he is inspired by are Egon Shiele, Toulouse-Letrec, Lichtenstein, Yves Klien, and Murakami.

To David, art is something that resonates, like listening to music. It is an expression of surrounding inspirations. Art is a reflection of self and a place to put his thoughts on canvas.


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