Dina Salem

Washington, DC

Dina Salem uses watercolors, acrylic, oil, charcoal sticks and mixed media materials to create bold, powerful abstract expressionist and minimalist works.

Dina AZ. Salem is an Egyptian-American professional artist based in Washington, DC. Dina's artistic expression is strongly influenced by Eastern & Western cultures, and various forms of meditation/self-discovery. These ideologies and disciplines are referenced in her approach to painting; specifically in her exploration of emotional healing & growth.

Dina’s art is a visual exploration of healing, confronting her own personal challenges and emotions. Each completed piece provides her with optimism about overcoming trauma and becoming a beautiful and useful human being. Art helps Dina convey the feelings and emotions to the viewer that she felt at the time of making them.

When Dina starts a painting, there are no rules. Sometimes, she knows what she is going to do. Sometimes, it is the opposite. Often, she surprises herself. Art is Dina’s space of freedom and healing.


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