Elena Renjel

Washington, DC

Elena Renjel uses acrylic paint to largely create abstracts, with a bit of landscape and still life work as well.

Elena Renjel is a contemporary abstract expressionist, telling stories through art. With a passion for colors, she works primarily in acrylics, using rich saturated colors, and adding oil pastels for texture and contrast. Her work mixes both contemporary and traditional styles to create a piece that tells a story and brings a room together.

Elena is a self-taught artist who works in communications. She has always been a creative storyteller both in her work in international development and through her paintings.

Elena is inspired by the places she has traveled to, and the diverse people that walk in and out of her daily life. From her Cuban mother and French father to the people she meets through her work and her backyard of DC. She channels these experiences into her art. It is reflected in the colors, textures, shapes, and images she chooses to use in each piece. Elena’s most favorite thing about painting is working with clients to channel their story and emotions into a piece of art that they can cherish as their own!

A native Washingtonian, she lives in DC with her two kids and husband.


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