Emily Dwan

Denver, Colorado

Emily Dwan creates in two distinct mediums. First, she uses acrylics on stretched canvas to craft her abstract landscapes that aim to capture the essence of a moment rather than focusing on realism. Emily uses a modern approach to Impressionism that she calls “Electro Impressionism." Bright colors are enhanced and brush strokes are distorted to emit happiness and positivity.In addition, Emily uses stained glass mosaic over cradled wood canvas or found objects such as cellos, guitars, skis, etc to bring an exciting new life to these once ordinary objects. Subject matter has a wide range from botanical to geometric.

Emily Dwan is a professional visual artist based in the RiNo art district of Denver, Colorado. Emily graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art and a minor in Art History from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

During her time at IU, she studied watercolor and art history abroad in Florence, Italy. Her work has been exhibited at the Boulder Museum and numerous juried art festivals throughout Colorado. Emily has created public art in both Denver and Golden, Colorado.


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