Gabrielle Johnston

Scottsdale, Arizona

Gabrielle Johnston uses Acrylic Paint, Plaster, Pumice Stone to create elegant, sophisticated organic and minimal abstracts.

Gabrielle Johnston is a Scottsdale, Arizona based artist. Throughout her life, she knew she was meant to be in the arts. She started painting when she was young due to her family showing her the importance of expressing her personal creativity. Painting became part of her identity as a child, eventually leading her to assist professional artists, where she gained more experience in the curatorial arts.

Her schooling led her to the East Coast where she studied at Parsons School of Design, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design.

Gabrielle’s artwork has been featured in both Philadelphia Magazine and Rue Daily Magazine. She uses paint, plaster, pumice stone and fabrics to create organic abstractions that seamlessly blend into interior spaces.

Gabrielle grew up in both Arizona and Southern California, which has provoked a deep love for the unique textures and tones of the desert. Most of her work has consisted of abstract landscapes due to her admiration of this environment around her and the textures throughout the Southwest.

"I find personal creativity in all aspects of my life. Art has shaped my perspective on the world and pushes me to see things in extreme detail. From the thread grains in fabrics to the pores in rocks, everything around me inspires."

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