Jarod Farver

San Diego, California/Phoenix, Arizona

Jarod Farver uses mixed media, including acrylic, ink, spray paint, pastels, and epoxy resin to create contemporary structured abstracts.

Jarod Farver was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas and has always been inspired by nature and spent most of his time outdoors. At the early age of eight he took an interest to painting landscapes and learning a variety of oil painting techniques.

What first started out as a leisure activity quickly became an effortless passion. Upon graduating high school in 2004, Jarod moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and began working for his first art gallery, “Painted with Oil.” It was there, that Jarod’s painting style began to transform from landscapes to abstract. As Jarod began to mature and grow, so did his paintings and their form.

Continuing to explore the world and nature around him, Jarod decided to move to San Diego, California in 2008, where he now calls home. He has been actively painting, working with multiple galleries, and represented by Alexander Salazar for almost a decade.

You can currently find his work in La Jolla, Laguna, San Diego, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Vegas, and Houston. Featured and seen on Discover SD, Home & Garden, Voyage LA, Shoutout LA, San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego Reader, Shoutout SoCal, Art of the Times, SD Voyager, Voice of San Diego, Featured Artist Portfolio, San Diego Magazine, CityBeat, Canvas Cultures, Art Arrivals, Society6, and Social Culture.

Last year, Jarod and his lovely wife Ashleigh welcomed a baby boy - Forrest John Farver. These new pieces certainly convey a softer palette than his previous collections - that of a proud dad. These painting have over 100 layers of mixed media and paint creating texture and weight.

To Jarod, art is everything. He doesn't believe that he chose an art career. Instead, art chose him. Art is the way Jarod expresses himself through mediums of color.


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