Jennifer de Klaver

Southampton, New York

Jennifer de Klaver works with acrylic on canvas to create beautiful abstract expressionis works.

Jennifer de Klaver’s work explores what is most connected to our soul and considers emotive textures, marks, movement in its raw state and meditative energy.

“There is a freedom for me when I paint, a place to express what’s inside - emotions, colors, words and ideas in space. There is an energy and a narrative that lies beneath the surface of the work.” Through a hybrid form of abstract expressionism, de Klaver paints on canvas with a gradation of blacks, blues, pinks and white inspired by the dramatic ocean and beautiful light of the east end of Long Island.

Living in Belgium as a youth, de Klaver’s appreciation for the arts began early. As the daughter of a painter, she traveled extensively throughout Europe, learning about the great masters in Paris, Rome, Florence, Barcelona and the Netherlands. It wasn’t until her first visit to the Centre Pompidou in Paris that her interest in the abstract was ignited and left an indelible imprint on her. She has described painting as a form of meditation and inner storytelling. This process is self-evident in both expressive movement and calligraphic forms within her work.

de Klaver’s path to contemporary art is not a traditional one. After graduating from Parsons Design School she spent over two decades building a formidable reputation in understanding color, space and the connectivity of design leading creative teams for consumer companies including Target, west elm and Indigo as well as launching startups, Figaro Apothecary and sk*p. Currently de Klaver paints out of a former commercial garage in Southampton, New York.

To de Klaver, art is freedom - to fully express without inhibition, to allow universal energy and vibrations to flow through her, allowing the viewer to experience the work through their own perspective and emotions.

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