Jennifer Fearon

Marin County, California

Jennifer Fearon uses natural mingeral pigments, oil paint and mixed media to create beautiful representations of nature. Water, trees, rocks and earth are depicted with the materials they are made of. These materials create an altered, poetic depiction of the cycles of the natural world. I use oil paint to create images of nature, including people, that lean more toward the representational and usually evoke a particular person or place.

Jennifer Francis Fearon is a visual artist working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her paintings have been shown at Arts Benicia, Santa Cruz Art League, Palo Alto Art Center, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sausalito Art Center, O'Hanlon Center for the Arts and Still Point Arts Quarterly.

Her work is concerned with our connection to the natural world. Jennifer's kinship with nature began in childhood when she escaped to the woods near her Houston home to find a quiet place to read and draw. The solace found there created a sense of place outdoors that informs her today. Hot summers spent in and near the water provided hours of observing light refracting in pools, lakes and the ocean. Two years living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a teenager led to her interest in Asian aesthetics and spiritual philosophies. These experiences, combined with those of a full and curious life, have evolved into a daily art practice that calls attention to beauty as both a healing truth and a call to action.

Jennifer works in Marin County, California where she has lived for 30 years, making art, raising a family and participating in community based non-profit organizations. Jennifer’s formal art instruction began with two years at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. She has taken printmaking workshops at Crown Point Press in San Francisco and studied with various artists, including, Cindy Miracle, Randall Sexton and Chester Arnold in the Bay Area and Judith Kruger in Connecticut.

”I feel a strong connection to, and am a focused observer of, the natural world. Drawn to the beauty in patterns of light and growth in nature, I sense that an essential truth of who we are and why we are here is embodied there and that there is probably more to this truth than we can perceive. I seek to highlight the importance, for both people and the earth, of reconnecting with natural (real) life…I bring my outdoor liturgy back to the studio in hopes of capturing some of the solace and sanity I find there in studio paintings that can take many months to complete. Meaning accrues to a piece as I combine memory and feeling with the slow building up of layers of color and texture. I draw, glaze, collage, or sand the surface, observing at each step until I find a quality of light and life that, for me, holds a moment of grace.”

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