Jenny Reinhardt

Orange, New Jersey

Jenny Reinhardt uses collaged acrylic paint, hand-made prints, found objects, and glitter under sheets of plastic, to create wall-mounted 'Soft-Sculptures,' each embodying a deeply personal and authentic essence. Crafted over years of experimentation, these pieces exude whimsy and freedom, yet their creation demands significant labor and intricate layering.

As a multidisciplinary artist, Jenny Flexner Reinhardt explores a range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, collage, and mixed-media. Her art delves into the complexities of modern culture, feminism, motherhood and codependency, reflecting on the psychological gymnastics required to navigate contemporary society. Jenny’s work intertwines personal experience, historical philosophies, literary references, political commentary, and musings of what may exist on a larger metaphysical level.

Jenny spent her formative years in Washington DC. She earned BA in English Literature from the University of Michigan followed by an MFA, Cum Laude at The New York Academy of Art.

After teaching studio art and Art History early in her career, Jenny dedicated herself to raising three daughters. Since 2018, she has had 9 solo exhibitions, and works full-time in her studio, located in the Valley Arts District in Orange, New Jersey.

"Art captivates the senses and stimulates emotions, offering a unique sensory experience that transcends everyday life."


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