Jill Perla

Northern Virginia/DMV

Using acrylics on canvas, Jill Perla focuses on creativity, elegance, and cheerfulness in all of her work. Her art is a combination of contemporary, modern, abstract, and representational. Through her art, Jill creates something beautiful and meaningful by representing a personal vision of reality, based on the wonder of the natural world around us. Jill paints original canvas paintings on high-grade stretched canvas and archival paper, most often with a palette knife to give high texture and interest.

The canvas whisperer is what Jill Perla has been referred to by clients over the years.

Jill's ability to interpret what her clients have in their mind is amazing. She has been named Loudoun’s County, Virginia's Favorite Artist for nearly a decade. Jill has always been a creative person but did not truly take her potential in painting to the next level until 2007, after accompanying her father to art therapy. She took the leap and left behind a 25-year career in sales and business marketing to become a full-time artist. Today, her business has expanded to offer color consulting, art-based team building events, art arrangement and creativity coaching in addition to commissioned pieces.

Inspired by pop artists Ashley Longshore and Kara Walker as well as Claude Monet, art seeps into every crevasse of Jill’s existence. Art brings her joy and when it doesn't, it forces her to center. In short, the privilege to create for herself and her clients is something Jill is grateful for each and every day.


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