Joseph Abu

New York, New York

Using acrylic, oil pastel, charcoal, and chalk to create, Joseph’s art style adopts techniques of automatism and expressionism to create works based on specific values and or beauty. His creative process often starts with an absent mind, initial renderings on paper, meditation, and, eventually, painting. This method of work allows the artist to approach his work in an expressive yet focused manner that results in unique works of art. He takes on the challenge of true expression in each body of work with texture, color, and form to create art that revolutionizes the spaces they exist in.

Joseph A. Abu is a Contemporary African Expressionist whose works are kinetic expressions of existence within the human condition. These expressions are composed of vivacious markings, texture and color that capture humanistic scenarios that the viewer can filter their own experiences through. The subject matters in his work are derived from ancestral motivations that are persistent and continuous as time. He uses methods of expressionism to find meaning in our collective existence, create beauty and employ craftsmanship.

So far, Joseph’s work has been displayed at galleries and is owned by prestigious collectors. His goal with Teal Canvas is to democratize the process of collecting and commissioning his work to interested clients. Please note, all collectors are vetted for fit as these works are created with deep focus and require alignment. He is honored to work with those interested and looking forward to processing your inquiries.

Succinct and beautifully stated, to Joseph, art is life, and life means everything to the living.


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