Katie Southworth

Boston, Massachusetts

Katie Southworth uses oil on panel and acrylic on canvas, often times incorporating mixed media and 3D elements to create beautiful geometric abstract pieces. Harnessing the power of color to promote joy, mindfulness, wellness, and mental health awareness, Katie uses vivid color palettes and math to abstractly represent everything from feelings and memories to natural phenomenons and psychological processes.

Katie Southworth is an internationally collected abstract artist currently based in Boston, MA. Originally from Darien Connecticut, she graduated from Colby College in Waterville Maine with Bachelor degrees in Studio Art and Psychology. She was the recipient of the Charles Hovey Pepper Prize for her body of work featured in the 2016 Senior Capstone Exhibition. She went on to receive her Masters in Teaching at the Tufts School of the Museum of Fine Arts in May 2018. In August of 2021, after three years of teaching elementary art, she decided to pursue her fine art career full time.

Over 100 of her original works are in private collections across 45+ cities across the nation and abroad, including New York City, Miami, LA, Martha’s Vineyard, Canada, and more. Katie’s work has been featured in international and local publications including Vanity Fair London, British Vogue, and Colby Magazine.

Her first solo show "Colorjoy" in November 2021 attracted over 300 people to Opening Night, where 10 pieces sold in total, and 10% was donated to suicide prevention organizations. Katie shows her work online, in exhibitions, and in art fairs across the country.

"Art, I feel, is our most direct link to our shared humanity. When used to express authentically, it has the power to teach us more about our lived experiences than words can ever communicate. I, personally, use it to live a life of authenticity, mental wellness, advocacy, personal growth, healing (myself and others), and human connection."


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