Laura Sobrado

Washington, DC

Laura Sobrado uses fluid acrylics to translate songs into custom abstract paintings that are based on the instrumental structure of the song. First, she asks the client for four elements: 1) a song and artist, 2) 1-2 colors they want the general direction of the painting to lean in, 3) their preferred volume (soft, medium, loud) 4) canvas or paper size.She then creates an infographic that maps out when each instrument appears in the song at which seconds, assigning a shape and color to each instrument. Sketches are then made based on that data map where Laura exaggerates the layout to better fit the paper or canvas and push it until the composition is strong enough to stand on its own. Once the sketches are complete, the painting begins where she follows the layout, color and volume guidelines. This is the foundation for the painting, however from there, Laura allows her intuition to take over and guide the direction of the painting.

Laura Sobrado graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and she is now a professional artist and designer living in Washington D.C. Her mission is to translate music into immersive visual art and collaborate with her clients to create paintings that get at the emotional essence of each song that they select. These paintings allow Laura to combine her love for the worlds of painting, graphic design, music, emotional intelligence and even art history all into one process. The whole purpose of her collaborative commission work is healing and to validate her clients’ feelings with artwork based on the songs that they love.

To Laura, art serves so many different purposes and meanings depending on where the artist or team is in their life or environment. She thinks that abstract art is a powerful tool for artists to channel their feelings, emotions and intuitive downloads. Laura’s passion and purpose is all about helping her clients do that through her artwork with healing as the goal. She strives to be an instrument to help validate people’s feelings and emotions with the songs that they choose. Even if the “healing” is in the form of making someone’s day a little bit brighter—with a piece of art that 1) they played a critical role in creating 2) they understand 3) are emotionally connected to—it’s a win to Laura.


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