Leila Pinto

New York City, New York

Leila Pinto uses Mixed Media, Acrylics and Oils to create fluid, beautiful abstracts and abstract seascapes.

Leila Pinto is a NYC and Hamptons based artist who works with oil and mixed media to create stunning paintings that explore themes around current events, culture, and nature.

Inspired by her career on Wall Street as a Managing Director, she creates large abstract paintings about events that shaped the global economy like the financial crisis and Brexit, translating those emotions and impressions into colorful, expressive canvases. Her work, with a growing following among collectors and curators, reveals a unique artistic point of view and conveys an emotional component that is irresistible.

Her paintings have been included in prestigious juried art shows, shown in galleries, received awards, published, and displayed on a grand scale on the Jumbotron in Times Square, at the Oculus World Trade Center, in Hudson Yards and on a giant 24-foot-tall Monolith at SCOPE Art Fair during Art Basel Miami and at the Metaverse Summit in Monte Carlo.

"My artistic aesthetic is deeply inspired by nature. I am fascinated by the stunning beauty and diversity of the ocean and try to capture the beautiful light and essence of the ocean in my abstract seascapes. Art is a soulful language through which we connect and through my paintings I hope to convey feelings of peace, harmony, and serenity to the viewer / collector."


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