Lydia Cash

Nashville, TN and Chicago, IL

Lydia Cash works with acrylics to embrace a sense of freedom and irreverence, with gestural, painterly strokes found within her large scale abstract and figurative paintings.

Lydia Cash grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. There she studied at The Alabama School of Fine Arts, and went on to earn her BA in Fine Art from Auburn University. Lydia relocated to Chicago in 2013, and her infatuation for the city has since become a wellspring of inspiration for her work. She began painting full-time in 2016 and has since been sought after for custom work from Gibsons Italia, LondonHouse Chicago, Ocean Prime in Washington DC, Denver, and Naples, and has traveled as far as Munich, Germany and Lausanne, Switzerland to create custom paintings for her clients.

Lydia’s work has been featured by Gibsons Restaurant Group, Free People, Buckingham Interiors + Design, and Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. Her paintings are deeply passionate, unbridled, and profoundly felt by both the artist and the observer. Her process focuses on embracing the unknown, trusting her instinct, and discovering what the piece will become as she creates, placing equal significance on the process itself as the finished outcome. Her paintings therefore relay a narrative of this journey of discovery of truth.

Lydia’s inspirations vary from painters Mark Rothko and Joan Mitchell, to musicians Johnny Cash, The National, Anderson Paak and Ella Fitzgerald. She loves jazz and is also a jazz singer. Lydia also just released her first full-length album with her husband, titled "Dreamgirl".


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