Lynne Wintermute

Neskowin, Oregon

Lynne Wintermute uses oil & cold wax, pan pastel, pure pigment, oil pen, artgraf, sand, ash, marble dust and more to create soft landscapes and abstracts in multiple layers and interesting textures.

Lynne Wintermute is influenced by the beauty of the rural Oregon coastline where she lives and works. Her paintings are unique in style and media, creating beautiful topography by painting in 50 to 70 layers of oil and wax.

Using reduction techniques, mark making, digging and scraping to create a surface unlike any other, her work is in many private collections and Galleries and she teaches private students in her studio.

Lynne has a BFA from Linfield University and graduate studies at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

The practice of "creating" is one of the most beautiful, challenging and sometimes magical forms of expression to Lynne. All colors are beautiful but more so when blending, layering and experimenting. In always learning from her method of painting and studying the work of others, Lynne seeks to bring joy to her clients through her work. This is the most wonderful and satisfying way to spend her days.


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