Madeline Lynch

Northern California (by way of New York, Vermont, Peru and Costa Rica)

Madeline Lynch uses acrylic paint, print making and pulp paper making, or sustainable art practices using watercolors made of natural materials such as plants, minerals and stones to create dreamlike visionary scenes and emotive abstract color forms. Her work is energetic and colorful with contemplative depth and symbolism that touches on nature and the unseen multiverse of life.

“When one engages with the arts, one engages with the creative mystery of life” - Madeline Lynch

Madeline’s artwork is inspired by her visions within sacred settings and the meeting of the subconscious mind and the external world of nature.

Like all of us, Madeline is a spirit experiencing life as a human being. Sometimes it is rocky and sometimes it is so sublime - high or low, Madeline creates art from this place of direct experience and dream. In her work she attempts to bring her visions from behind the veil into physical form as a conversation between the whispers of the Great Mystery and the density of the vital Earth.

As a traveling artist raised just outside New York city, Madeline has been inspired by many parts of the world and cultures, including Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, USA, Italy, Australia, Guatemala and Japan. She has dedicated her life to use the arts for healing, understanding and connection.

Madeline first began painting as a young child following in the footsteps of her mother who was a respected artist. Madeline later went on to study art in Florence, Italy and received a BA in Philosophy and Studio Art from American University in Washington D.C. After traveling the world solo for four years to deepen her spiritual and artistic studies, Madeline returned to New York to receive her Masters in Psychology from the Teachers College of Columbia University.

Madeline has shown in various exhibits and institutions around the world, including the Museo Regional de San Ramón in Costa Rica, El Mueso del Sol in Washington, D.C., International Visions Gallery in Washington, D.C., the Sabrof-Forbe Cultural Arts Center in Maryland, Centro Experimental Amazonico in Colombia and others.

In addition to being an artist, Madeline is also a healer and energy worker. As requested she can create paintings infused with healing energy for her client so that every time the painting is viewed the person will receive a personalized and attuned healing from experiencing the artwork.

Madeline has a strong respect for the Earth and the environment. In addition to her visionary artistic style of painting created with acrylic paint, Madeline also uses sustainable art making techniques to create her pieces. She does this by creating her own watercolor paints from plants, minerals and stones and by creating pulp paper works from recycled paper and natural materials.

To Madeline, art is the way one lives their life. It is the way someone walks into a room or how the sunlight peaks through the trees to illuminate the forest floor. It is that moment when the universe winks at us and we wink back in recognition, taking that single moment to acknowledge the existence of presence and beauty. Art is a conversation. It is a form of play, study, and exercise. It is a place to heal and a vehicle to connect. Art is a place to be free.

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