Margaret Wingard

San Francisco, California

Margaret Wingard is a multi-media artist whose works in abstraction with a focus on symbolism. Margaret’s pieces hold a balance between structure and expression, math and emotion. The medium, typically informed by the content, can be as varied as sublimation dyed aluminum, gouache on heavy silk, spray paint on molded pumice, and/or painted plexi-glass framed over a texture.

Margaret Wingard (b. 1989, Baltimore) researches symbolism within iconography, particularly those of traditional textiles, to discuss broader cultural themes in contemporary installations and mixed media work.

Allowing the concept to dictate her use of material, her practice ranges from sculptural fabrications of abstracted car body forms to embroidery, painting, and large-scale installations. Her work has been exhibited within the U.S. and abroad.

To Margaret, art is a way to process information. It's an expression of emotions and neural processes that can't be classified by words or put into a Hallmark card. Art is the sociological reflection of a specific moment in time. Looking back at the earliest forms of art, these were amulets: a form of prayers for their present and future, for themselves and their community.Art holds energy and it gives energy.

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