Marisa Stratton

Richmond, Virginia

Marisa Stratton creates miniature oil portraits and paintings using oil and watercolors.

Marisa Stratton is a figurative painter based in Richmond, Virginia. While studying Illustration (Communication Arts) and Painting at Virginia Commonwealth University, Marisa dedicated most of her time to oil painting and thinking about analog painting in the context of a digital world. She's also very interested in exploring accessibility within fine arts and breaking barriers between disciplines/spaces. While in school, Marisa's work was exhibited at various galleries in Richmond, and she has a solo exhibition planned for 2021.

Inspired by Colleen Barry, Jennifer Packer, Nicolas Uribe, Julie Mehretu, Zoey Frank, Nick Hakim, Erykah Badu, and Ted Chiang, Marisa sees art as a means to reflection and appreciation.


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