Maryam Miller

Silverthorne, Colorado

Maryam Miller uses Acrylic and Oil paint to create contemporary abstract landscapes.

Maryam Miller is an outdoor enthusiast that brings her love of the outdoors onto canvas. She uses her palette knife painting technique to add texture and life to her landscape paintings in an almost 3-d sculpted form, with paint layered on canvas. Her paintings are easily recognized for her bold use of color, stark contrast, and contemporary twist on landscape paintings.

Maryam's art portrays landscapes in an abstracted form that allows the viewer to immerse themselves into the painting. She loves nothing more than to turn a picture or memory into a painting that will last forever. Maryam currently lives in the mountains in Colorado and when she is not painting you can find her out hiking, skiing, or frequenting her favorite local coffee shops.

To Maryam, art is a way to mentally transport to a different reality, whether that is to a picturesque mountainside, or an immersive abstract. “I love to create art that lets you imagine yourself in a landscape that lets you escape or reminds you of a fond memory.”


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