Megan Elizabeth

Kensington, Maryland

Megan Elizabeth works with acrylic paint to create works that center on the fleeting moments of nature using dappled light, contrasting shadows, and overlapping textures.

As a female painter, Megan Elizabeth captures the power of nature and its' fleeting moments. She focuses on the effects of dappled light, contrasting shadows, and overlapping textures. Reflections of light on water, shadows created by trees, and fallen leaves, as well as petals on contrasting surfaces inform her subject matter. Megan paints these fleeting moments, so that they are noticed.

In her seascapes and petal series, Megan uses many layers of colorful paint and unique textures to capture her awe of nature. Megan's creative process is fluid and organic, much like the content she explores. Her work on multiple paintings simulate and articulate nature through loose, expressive brush strokes. The acrylic paint is applied directly to the canvas, without any underpainting or sketch below, and blended into many layers by adding white to create tonal variations of color.

These layers create the effect of movement, light, and texture. Like the sounds of nature, the stroke of the brush on the canvas is soothing to Megan.

To keep her art practice balanced, Megan alternates between canvas and paper. Most of her art on paper are studies for the larger works on canvas. Megan's paintings on paper are composed of watered down acrylics to capture the desired image, and then oil pastels and pencils create depth.

As a woman and an artist, Megan appreciates and recognizes the power of nature. She has the opportunity to follow a creative path and, in doing so, honor the women in art history who laid the foundation for female artists. After all, her work explores the dichotomy within the feminine world.

"To me, art is essential".


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