Megan Trottier

Dallas, Texas

Megan Trottier uses acrylic paint, resin, and 3D lettering to create abstracts, with use of bold colors. She also creates pieces with 3D words or images within. Megan can tailor the colors and words to the buyer’s tastes.

Megan Trottier’s happy place is being with family and friends, exploring new avenues, and adding color to make the space around her brighter and more beautiful.

In January of 2021, she decided to put her corporate sales career on hold to launch MJ Home, a creative studio based in Dallas, Texas. On paper, MJ Home produces art and home goods based on Megan’s colorful self-expressions. But at heart, MJ Home is more than a studio. It’s inspiration. Empowerment. Freedom. And a space to give people the license to explore and discover.

With the heart symbol as her talisman – inspired by her four-year-old son – MJ Home is here to put the heart back in art. It us about "Finding your happy place” - in reference to both providing joyful art and décor for the home, coupled with the story of doing what you love and being with the people you love.


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