Michael Foster

Charlotte, North Carolina

Michael Foster works with acrylic, spray paint, alcohol ink, wood, and LED lights to create abstract and free flow art pieces.

Michael Foster is an artist who works in a variety of media. By emphasizing aesthetics, he finds that movement reveals emotion. He considers movement and directional change to be metaphors for a creative soul transcending perception which in-turn enables a path of personal growth.

Michael strives to continuously evolve his paintings in method, process, and content as he doesn’t believe art is meant to be put in a box and forced to conform. He enjoys painting with spontaneous expression which often allows the viewer to use their own creativity and imagination to form their own interpretation of his works.

Inspired by Banksy, Charles Bukowski, OG Bey Harris, The Heidelberg Project, and Hamed Mahmoodi, Michael believes that art is about self expression and the connection that a finished piece has with those viewing it. It is life. It is a beautiful meditation.

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