Mike Habs

Los Angeles, California

Mike Habs creates abstract/refined & conceptual graffiti using acrylic on wood panels.

Mike Habs (b.1987) is a contemporary visual artist originally from Chicago's south side. Currently based in Los Angeles, CA, his work leverages color and contrast to interpret the angst of punk rock music with vibrant abstraction. Each series of Mike’s explores how various techniques and approaches can transcribe the lyrical and conceptual aspects of the music which the pieces are named after.

Mike's use of chaotic and expansive urban aesthetics juxtaposed against the minimalist ‘finish fetish’ techniques of the finer Los Angeles art world aims to communicate 'the chaos within’ an individual, and reflect the inner conflict and beauty of human growth.

Inspired by the likes of Tony Fitzpatrick, Banksy, Chaz Boroquez, Moncho 1929, Casper Brindle, and Shepard Fairey, Mike believes that art provides the opportunity to spread positivity and enthusiasm.


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