Mike Keliher

MarylandMike Keliher works in the digital space to create a sense of minimalism with a touch of grunge and a splatter of Pollock. His illustrations he refers to as real-impressionism, a mix of hyper-realism and impressionism.“MaJiK” Mike Keliher, best known for his minimalist impressionism with a grungy twist, captivates emotion in every piece. He has been influenced by artists such as O'Keeffe, Pollock, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Lee, Sinclair, Noveir, Despau, and Genuardi. The nickname “MaJiK” is derived from his initials, MJK, how he showcases his work. Having his Jungle Book piece published, along with having created over 200 different pieces and commissions alike, Mike’s work is not just for fans of pop culture, but to an audience who appreciates the style of art altogether. MaJiK! Mike aims to one day work in the entertainment industry as a concept artist.To Mike, art is subjective, so it can mean many things to many people. He believes that art is everywhere; if it was created, it is its own entity and therefore to be subjected to a viewer's interpretation. You have to find the beauty within that is what you see.


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