Molly Fredenberg

Brooklyn, New York

Molly Fredenberg uses recycled makeup, ink and sharpies to create abstract and fluid pieces, described as calming and often prompting curiosity. Both her paintings and drawings can resemble faces, landscapes and mind bending shapes.

Molly Fredenberg is a NYC based Visual and Makeup Artist. Growing up in the hills of Montana and finding her home in Brooklyn, her two homes influenced her natural esthetic with accents of structure.

Molly started her art career at age 13, commissioned to draw portraits and has since pursued a career as a freelance makeup artist, as well as developing her own style of painting using recycled makeup as a medium. She has continued to develop her drawing and is known for her abstract line drawings that are dynamic and soothing. Molly's work has been featured in the Washington Post, Allure and Real Simple.

Inspired by Pablo Picasso, Heather Day, Jillian Evelyn and Isamaya French, art and creativity is something that is in intrinsic to Molly. She grew up with artist parents, surrounded by music and creativity. Molly feels that art is something that can be felt differently every time you look at a piece, and that ability to be dynamic and open to interpretation is something that she values deeply. Art is extremely important to create, consume and share no matter your skillset or medium.


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