Morgan Broome

Wilmington, Delaware

Morgan Broome uses mixed media to create elegant, highly textural abstract pieces.

Continually inspired by the natural world, Morgan creates alluring organic abstracts with dynamic layers of interest and texture. Based in the greater Philadelphia area, Morgan describes her work as a celebration of the natural realm. She seeks to mirror its beauty by abstracting its shapes, colors, movements, and energy.

To Morgan, nature is alive! When she admires the world around her, she sees a captivating dance. As a retired dancer herself, Morgan's past influences her visual creations through their delicate flow, encouraging the eye to elegantly meander around the piece.

Much of Morgan's work is highly mixed media and includes natural materials like sand, crushed granite, plaster, aragonite, carbon, powdered pigments and glass. Incorporating natural materials allows Morgan's work to remain closely linked to her inspiration and also allows her to continually connect with the elemental aspects of her art. This connection to the earth is not only evident in her choice of materials but also in her artistic process. Morgan often ventures into the great outdoors, observing landscapes and absorbing the essence of the environment, which she later translates onto her canvas.

Morgan's exhibitions have garnered critical acclaim, with viewers marveling at the harmonious blend of texture, color, and movement in her pieces. Her dedication to preserving the environment through her art has not only solidified her reputation as a talented artist but also as a passionate advocate for the preservation of our planet's delicate ecosystems.

"Art is the heart and soul of community. I create artwork because I believe that it deserves to be shared. When shared, artwork has the ability to connect, challenge, inspire, comfort, grow and forever change the world around us."


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