Parsa Afsharjavan

Washington, DC/Miami, FL

Parsa Afsharjavan is an inter-disciplinary artist (contemporary/abstract expressionism/mixed media) whose work embodies narratives that explore historical references, societal/physiological themers, human experiences, love and truth.

Parsa Afsharjavan is an inter-disciplinary Artist and Creative Director that has known his path since the young age of 8. However his calling to the world of creation and expression was out of necessity. During his adolescent years, Parsa's suffered from deep depression and suicidal experiences. Art filled his need to release.

Present day, Parsa is based in Washington D.C and Miami, FL where he works within the worlds of contemporary/abstract expressionism, design, film/direction and experiential marketing, where he aligns his art and story telling creativity with brands, companies and other artists.

Ultimately, Afsharjavan believes that Art has the unique strength to bring people together and formulate connections whether through creation or observation.

"Art can be and is many things. I believe that Art can be found in all aspects of life/existence. It's in the way we walk, talk, dress, express, love and hate. It's the way the grass grows, the birds fly, waves crash and volcanoes erupt. Somewhere along the way, Art has a bridge to creation and expression."


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