Patrick Prager

Sacramento, California

Patrick Prager uses latex and acrylic, as well as oil pens to create abstracts, flowers, and landscapes. Most of his work comes from "dripping" paint from high above the canvas. Patrick’s work stands somewhere between pointillism, and abstract, with touches of Pollock.

Patrick Prager is a "Creative". From a young age he always was inspired by art, he was always found drawing, painting, doodling, etc. As Patrick became older and life happened, he had to switch media types.

Patrick started working in fine dining restaurants in San Francisco. He studied under Wolfgang Puck, Traci des Jardins, Michael Mina, and George Marrone to name a few. Patrick's new canvas was to creatively and playfully plac high end food on plates. Ending up in Sacramento as the Executive Chef of the Sawyer Hotel, Patrick still creates high end culinary experiences every day.

Within the past year, Patrick has been reacquainted with his childhood love of painting. Patrick has works on display in local Galleries, shops and restaurants. Patrick is also a father of three, a husband, a sommelier, avid cyclist, and a Dudest Priest.

Patrick’s favorite artists include Jackson Pollock, Damien Hirst, Monet, Mark Rothko, Kooning, Matisse, and Joan Miro. He is also very much into music, loving classic rock, some metal and anything 80's and 90's. Patrick has a great love of hip hop - Murs, tribe called quest, hieroglyphics, mos def, living legends are some of his favorites that inspire.Art is Patrick’s personal expression release, a nee to create to fill a void. He loves the creative process and trying new approaches to tweak his personal style.

Art is a way of relaxing. Patrick loves making people happy through art and making that connection, whether its food or painting.

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