Presa Hall

Los Angeles, California

Presa Hall works with mixed media, such as Acrylics, gold leaf, and paper. Mostly Hand painted and some Airbrush depending on the project. Presa has a contemporary style that is always evolving and growing depending on what she is feeling with in the "now and/or present" moment. She has a spirit of experimentation with her work, always striving to enhance her craft. Presa embraces strong colors, and detail. She loves to add elements of romance, whimsical characters, or little touches of gold or silver leaf that will catch your eye in certain lighting. With portrait work, Presa chooses to make her subjects the star of the work with added colors to the flesh tones to draw the eye inward.

Originally from Utah, Presa Hall was raised in an artistic household. Art has been apart of her life since she could remember. At age 2, she would paint with her older sister (who attended Art school). Her sister was surprised at how well she painted so she gave her projects to work on. At 5 she won her first award for a portrait and it was mentioned in the Salt Lake Tribune. Because of this, Presa's parents encouraged her gift by giving her all the tools to create, and hiring a private art tutor.

Presa starting getting commissions, and creating murals for her local community in her teens. After college she moved to NYC to pursue her art more fervently. Having her first solo show after one year and exhibiting her work in several galleries and shows throughout NY.

After NY she moved to Miami to be apart of the growing art community and showing her work in galleries and Art Basel shows. During this time she has been traveling to many different cities throughout the country doing mural work for private or commercial use. She uses her home studio to do non mural commission work for her clients. Her work has been bought from clients all over the world and her mural work can be seen in many different cities throughout the country. Currently Presa's Studio is based in Los Angeles.

Inspired by artists Gustav Klint, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Garsot, Kobra, and Okuda, to Presa, art is as simple as an undertaking of creation. To her, there is a freedom that develops when fully engulfed in the process. Some call it a creative flow, others call it being completely present in the moment. Presa calls it being completely one with the universe, where outside distractions recede from consciousness and one's mind is fully open and attuned to the act of creating.


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