Rodger Schultz

Reston, Virginia

Rodger Schultz uses aquatic paints and mediums to create well-rounded explorations and the ability to distinctively address landscape, portrait, figurative, floral and abstract/expressionism/decorative. He specializes in rendering Client photographs into gallery and museum quality works.

Rodger Schultz is a Professional exploratory and style-hybrid Artist who’s merged Spiritual and Artistic paths intertwine and inform each other, creating one of the richest and exciting visual portfolios in Art. Using a Scientific Mind and a Heart rooted in Spiritual Inquiry, Rodger utilizes his creative process to uncover the greatest and highest thought-forms available to man, which he presents visually. The great conundrum in his work is in using a medium that speaks to reveal Silence as ultimate and the greatest Truth.

His output includes landscape, floral, portrait, figurative and the abstraction, and his unique knowledge of interior design leave him a sought after commission artist.

Inspired by anything beautiful, Rodger is a devout lover of all of the post-impressionists, yet his favorite artist for both landscape and figure is Gustav Klimt. Rodger’s personal relationship with art and the artistic processes are spiritual. In a nutshell, he paints to heal himself, and hopes the healing passes through.


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