Ryan Troisi

West Palm Beach, Florida

Ryan Troisi uses acrylic, ink and oil pastel to create abstract expressionist and contemporary fine art pieces.

Ryan A. Troisi is an American artist originally from New Jersey, now working out of his studio in South Florida. He began seriously creating roughly eight years ago after overcoming a serious addiction to pills, inspiring his renowned “Pill” art series.

A triumphant second chance at life allowed Ryan to gracefully access a new level of creativity that is inspired from pain, despair, gratitude and clarity. His journey and colorful journal can be found in many of his paintings. Ryan remarks, "At a time when I was the most down and hopeless, I needed an outlet to channel these struggles. A way to convey what I so desperately needed to get out."

Ryan shows a fierce determination and respect for his craft and what brought him here. Showing immense growth in his inward reflection has outwardly brought us many brilliant creations in various styles of painting. With hundreds of buyers and collectors participating in Ryan's journey thus far, he shows no signs of letting up on expanding his craft.

Says Ryan, “Art has been a light in my life. It is as essential as breathing is to us all. A language of sorts that ties together the psyche, inner dialogue and experience for others to resonate with. To create is to feel alive. Alive in a way that will live on longer than all of us. A true artifact of the times and a colorful lesson for us to learn from”.


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