Sanaz Boroumand

Charlotte, North Carolina

Sanaz Boroumand creates haunting landscape, figurative, and non representational pieces using mixed media, primarily painting with oil.

Sanaz Boroumand started sketching and oil painting classes when she was 18 years old in her native country of Iran.

After moving to America at the age of 21, Sanaz studied interior design at her local college. In unision, she began studying fine art under Andy Braitman in 2019.

The experience of painting became a great escape from the complexities of life. As she learned to create, abstract painting provided Sanaz with a sense of inner peace. She enjoyed using different mixed media to create multiple layers of translucent colors through the process of scratching, distressing and dissolving.

Sanaz grew up with art, traveling across the world and visiting several museums, which giving her both inspiration and a sense of wonder.

"Art is an expression of our inner thought, feelings and experiences. It is also an expression of creativity that can be used for self-reflection or social influence."


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