Sarah Pollock

Knoxville, Tennessee

Sarah Pollock uses oil on canvas to create contemporary representational landscapes and cityscapes, rich with color and sensation.

Sarah Pollock sees the world with the volume turned up.

Her art is a visual diary of the places and people she observes, inspired by travels near and far. From the spectacular natural beauty surrounding her home in eastern Tennessee to the distinctive lights and personalities of cities, she loves using vibrant color to capture these subjects and make them her own.

She paints in her Knoxville, Tennessee art studio as well as outdoors, on location. She’s intrigued by landscapes with dramatic angles, impressive skies, and natural bodies of water.

In her cityscapes, she likes to bring beauty and emphasis to aspects of urban environments that many of us normally look past as we rush through our daily routines.

These paintings capture a range of subjects, from dynamic, down-the-street views to intimate portraits of anonymous individuals.

"Art is my way of interpreting the world. My job as an artist is to show you the authentic beauty that surrounds us each day."


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