Sarah Rossetti (Invader Girl)

Alexandria, Virginia

Sarah Rossetti uses heavy body acrylics to honor those who serve in the military/emergency services.

Sarah Rossetti, or Invader Girl, started Black Canvas LLC in 2020 as a means to capture the images and stories of Veterans, Law Enforcement Professionals and the many amazing people she has met on her journey through life. What started as a way for people to give life to their thoughts, memories and dreams has since expanded to include so much more.

Sarah is a self taught artist that grew up in military communities around the world. Some time ago, the stories began to find there way into the work. It is her hope to capture as many people as possible on canvas and leave behind a body of work that captures our time, our stories, our struggles, our time in the global war on terrorism and how it shaped us, how we grew from it, and how it has touched every part of our lives.

It is something we can leave behind for future generations to have to look back on and maybe shed light on how to truly live, to push us to be better, and perhaps to remind us to push our own limits and seek the edges of the universe.

Inspired by our military and EMS professionals, Sarah believes art to be a visual representation of the stories we've lived.


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