Sarah Schwartz

Los Angeles, California

Sarah Schwartz uses acrylic, oil marker, paper cut outs, watercolor, gemstones (digital painting as well) to create colorful, vibrant abstracts and collage works.

Sarah Schwartz is a designer and artist with a love for psychology, philosophy, and deep, rich conversations. Her artwork and process taps into the dialogue between her internal world and the external elements she experiences (found objects, etc) — striving to achieve harmony between the two or reflect the dissonance she feels between them. She plays a lot with different textures, color, layering, and composition, via digital and more traditional techniques.

Inspired by Robert Rauschenberg and Heather Day, Sarah believes that creating art is almost always like a problem to be solved, like an ambiguous puzzle that may or may not have a “right” answer. It’s all about the process, progress, and journey.


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