Scott Padgett

Atlanta, Georgia

Scott Padgett works in mixed media to create dark, surrealistic subjects with a bright color palette.

Scott Padgett is an artist by heart and soul, spirit and mind. His style - often a dark surrealism with a bright palette which has been his trademark workflow. Scott can be found in his home studio in Atlanta, Ga where he is surrounded by his wife Terry who keeps the supplies flowing and the cats fed.

His studio is made up of years of mixed medium art such as sculptures, props, paintings, drawings and of course tripods with cameras ready to capture works in progress for his next social post.

His compositions range from Cardinals and Hummingbirds to sunken ships and crippling witches. Scott's most recent work , The Horrors, is a brilliant capture of our cinema horror favorites such as Jason Vorhees, Leather-face, Freddy Krueger just to name a few. This series is painted with watercolors on 8” x 24" birch wood panels. These limited editions which he creates in his home studio are printed on cotton rag paper, then mounted on birch panel that are then hand embellished and signed and numbered by Scott. Check out Scott's Horror Series here.

Scott lives in North Atlanta with his wife Terry, their 4 rescued cats and a 150 year old yorkie who parts his hair in the middle and has a relationship with everyone in the neighborhood. His passion for art & technology started early in his career where he was a digital illustrator for the gaming industry.

Today, Scott’s work consists of the strange, energetic, compositions that dance between the worlds of creepy and cute.


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