Sean Crim

Los Angeles, California

Sean Crim uses acrylic, oil paint, and neon to create both non-objective art and abstract expressionist pieces.

Sean Crim is a Los Angeles based artist focusing on conceptualizing emotion through color, psychology, neural oscillations and space perception.

He utilizes acrylic, ink, oil, neon and LED lights on canvas, mirror and plexiglass. He challenges the psychological self emotionally, mentally and physically, expanding and exploring the inner-self in the present moment. Crim creates continuous movement through light in his artwork, resembling the constant change in emotion and the continual rotation of time and space.

He pushes the boundary beyond his pieces of art to fill and cover space by painting with light through neon and LED, changing the color of rooms and creating the perception of more space through reflection of light and color.

He explores the never-ending insights of emotion, what emotion is within the mind, body, soul and how it can be perceived, felt, and explored in all forms. His art dives into emotional vulnerability, feeling, sharing and the psychological realm.

To Crim, art means the freedom of expression, transparency and vulnerability, an outlet beyond
reality and a form of emotional and psychological communication. Art means creating intangible and subconscious actions, emotions and thoughts into a tangible and conscious form of reality to share into the world.


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