Sean Crim

Los Angeles, California

Sean Crim uses acrylic, oil paint, and neon to create both non-objective art and abstract expressionist pieces.

Sean Crim is a Los Angeles based artist, primarily working in acrylic and neon on canvas as well as mirror with a focus on non-objective art. He utilizes color, contrast, lines, movement and texture creating bright, powerful and enlightening works of art.

His work provides a sense of self-enlightenment, positive energy and a look into his own self-creation, desires and person. His contemporary style depicts aspects of non-objection and abstract expressionism involving his emotional and psychological self with his present intuition from personal experiences and mental achievements.

Crim's art impacts one’s self by taking them to another realm, inner-state and feeling that makes them look deeper within themselves, pushing their boundaries of what they truly want and desire in life and within.

To Crim, art means the freedom of expression and vulnerability, an outlet beyond reality and a form of emotional and psychological communication. Art means creating intangible and subconscious actions, emotions and thoughts into a tangible and conscious form of reality, bringing them to life.


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