Shannon Kay Lewis

Chicago, Illinois

Shannon Lewis is a mixed media painter and muralist who creates colorful and graphic figurative works, often mixed with abstract details and collage.

Shannon Kay Lewis is an American Visual Artist born in Kansas City and currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois. She studied Graphic Design at Columbia College Chicago, which greatly influences her painting and mural technique of today.

Shannon was raised in a large family of creators. This early and consistent exposure to diverse creative practices has influenced her passion for irregular use of color, surface, and materials. Shannon's practice is constantly evolving and changing shape. She draws inspiration from learning about people and individual experience. Often creating portrait work in vast and exploratory color palettes, Shannon relates these wide ranges of color to the human experience and the blocks of time that builds us as individuals.

She believes that art is an expression of the human experience. Without speaking, Art has the ability to talk - it can share with us emotion, attitude, joy. It can connect us. It can overwhelm us.

Shannon Kay is inspired by music and musicians of all kinds. Writers Jesse Ball, Haruki Murakami, as well as non-fiction works about the human experience, psychology and various cultures. Favorite visual artists include Peter Max, Noelle Phares, Danny Gretscher, Eser Gunduz, Ghadah Aikandari, and Bisa Butler.

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