Sharon West

Purcellville, Virginia (Greater DC Area)

Sharon West uses acrylic impasto, a technique in which artists apply thick layers of paint to their canvases, to create lush, vibrant & unique original paintings featuring rich texture and color. Favorite subject matters include flowers, seascapes, pet portraits, angels, American flags.

Award-winning artist Sharon West’s unique palette knife impasto-style work is lush, vibrant, highly textured and colorful. Her work is inspired by her love of all things floral, peaceful seascapes, beloved pets, celestial angels, abstracts and patriotic themes. She uses palette knives and nontraditional implements along with traditional paint brushes to produce her popular paintings and mixed media work.

Sharon’s favorite art quote is “Creativity takes courage” by Henri Matisse. She is courageous with her work, creating unique art that continually WOW’s her patrons. Sharon loves to stretch the limits of creativity, with color, texture, and vibrancy. It all reflects the joy she feels when creating something beautiful.


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