Sharone Halevy

New York City, New York

Sharone Halevy uses acrylic to create expressionist abstract pieces.

Sharone Halevy is a self-taught NYC commission-based abstract expressionist (internationally sold). Her paintings are influenced by her client's stories, inspirations, and hopes.

Sound is foundational to her process; she either sources her music or asks the client to provide the music to paint too. Sharone started as a silk screener and found painting back in 2015. Her mission is to make art accessible to anyone who wants it, and will work with them to create something inspiring, intriguing, and even healing for their space.

Inspired by Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Franz Klein, Cezanne, and Frank O'Hara, Sharone believes that art is the ultimate form of storytelling, the simplest form of beauty that can either ground us or distract us from our day-to-day lives. Art fosters the connection between people and allows them to experience, in their own time, whatever they may when faced with color, light, and shape.

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