Silvi Stefi

Washington, DC

Silvi Stefi uses acrylic paint, along with a variety of materials such as paper, rocks, glass, flowers, textures and glitter, to create bold abstracts with a 3-D aspect that highlights richness, texture and depth.

Silvi Stefi is an architect and artist in Washington DC who animates her surroundings by creating positive, innovative and inspiring work. She pursued her love of design at the University of Virginia, where she earned her Bachelor and Master's degrees in Architecture. Her passion is to create beautiful, innovative and sustainable structures that fulfill the evolving needs of people, communities, and cultures.

Silvi's creative energy doesn't stop with her day job. Painting since she was a young girl, Silvi continues to produce art outside of work. Late nights and weekends find her hard at work in her apartment-turned-studio, pouring her love of color, texture, and movement into works of a different scale.

At the University of Virginia, Silvi worked as an Exhibit Curator for the Dean’s Gallery in the School of Architecture. She has curated and created work in a variety of different mediums and scales, but her passion is painting while also taking special joy in photographing her work.

Silvi draws inspiration from the commonplace -- objects, nature, people, emotions, and interactions -- but she colors her paintings with a bold, bright, and lively personality that reflects her own. Her work is characterized by both the purposeful abstraction found in contemporary design and the richness of traditional art. Utilizing a variety of textures, materials, recyclables, natural elements and found objects, each unique painting becomes a landscape of tactile detail when viewed at close range, but resolves to a composition of color and light when viewed from a distance.

Silvi believes that art is the purest form of self expression. It's the connection between the real physical world and the emotional and internal world. It's reality, passion, feelings and magic all in one.


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