Steve Uriegas

Plano, Texas

Steve Uriegas uses acrylic paint on stretched canvas in a unique style called angular expressionism to portray varied subjects including portriats, animals, landscapes, abstracts, etc

At first, Steve's subject matter was inspired by conceptual interpretation, human observation, and popular culture. Whether his approach was impressionistic, abstract, modern, or a mixture, techniques varied using different ways that seemed to greatly contrast and even contradict each other at times.

After using various styles, he finally focused his direct attention on a unique style he coins Angular Expressionism. Preferring the use of palette knives as opposed to brushes to achieve this, he harnessed this technique of work that has been described, by appreciators of art, as modern-day cubism. With the use of straight edges and a flamboyant sense of style, he’s proven to be a stand-out in the Dallas art community showing his work in various group exhibitions and solo shows leading to gallery acknowledgment. Steve's work can be found in private collections both inside and out of Texas.

To Steve, art means life. It’s his mechanism to observe life and interpret his vision of it, culminating in him releasing his art to the world.


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